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We would like to thank all visitors and all exhibitors and sponsors from 24 countries!

We look forward to welcome you again at our upcoming

6th Kuwait International Higher Education Exhibition (kuwaitedu 2012)

6th – 8th March 2012 at Safir International Hotel

The 6th Kuwait International Higher Education Exhibition “kuwaitedu”, February 2012 in Kuwait is the place where educational providers worldwide have the opportunity to meet with talented and intelligent students from Kuwait. The fair offers a unique opportunity to learn more about studies abroad first hand, to choose programmes and courses and decide on educational institutions for studies.

There is a growing interest from the mass media and governmental organizations in developing this educational event, which has become an important entry on educational calendar. Students with their families take part in all the activities during the exhibition days. Strong targeted links with local universities and schools ensure the right visitors attend the fair. Education providers have the opportunity to grow quickly in this emerging student market.



Under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and the attendance of Minister of Higher Education.

The 6th kuwaitedu Exhibition will be held from the 6th to 8th of March 2012 at the Safir International Hotel – Kuwait.

The Kuwait International Higher Education exhibition kuwaitedu is regarded as one of the main annual event in Kuwait.

The series of kuwaitedu provides the best educational opportunities appropriate for all student’s leaning and continued education needs, gathering the best educational authorities, institutions under one roof , exchange experiences among local and global educational spirits by adding value in time saving for all college education seekers when giving them the widest opportunities in choosing the university that may help and bring them closer to living their dreams and meeting their objectives with clear vision.

Kuwait Global Center for organizing exhibitions (KGCE) is one of the most active and influential Organizers in the education field in Kuwait.

The Kuwait International Higher Education exhibition

kuwaitedu of Kuwait sets the platform to meet thousands of prospective students in Kuwait.

Your presence is important to keep all prospect students well informed with the study opportunities offered at your campus. The exhibition ensures that you meet aspiring and promising students interested to complete their higher studies in Kuwait and abroad. You can’t afford to miss out the Kuwait’s most important event of international universities, business schools and colleges which brings you thousands of potential students face-to-face, parents and agents from all over the country.

Our kuwaitedu is a unique education fair showcasing universities, colleges and other educational Institutions from all across the world. This fair would be the most exciting platform for introducing your institutions to an eager and growing market of large number of potential international students. Kuwait is one of the leading international markets in Gulf Area and Middle East for recruiting students for educational institutions from all across the world.

Details of the Exhibition:

Date: 4th –8th March 2012. We are taking new and empowering steps in your favor in order to make your visit more effective and productive, therefore, on the first two days, the 4th and 5st March 2012 there will be scheduled site visits to the different private schools in Kuwait.

Venue: Safir International Hotel-Kuwait. (It is a well known exhibition hall location with very easy in and out, a very specious parking area and the hall is an easy reach to all Fair visitors).

Opening Ceremony: Opening will be at 6th March 2012 under the patronage of the Minister of Ministry of Higher Education.

Daily Visiting Hours:  09:00 -13:00

17:00 – 21:30

Exhibitors & Visitors Profile:

- Universities, Colleges, Educational Institutes &Training centers.
– Educational Boards.
– Cultural & Educational centers.
– International education consultants.
– Education & Training content providers.
– Training companies and centers.
– Educational tools and scientific equipment firms.
– Academic publishes.
– TV, video and DVD education solution providers.
– Educational fund banks.

The Exhibition Aims:

One of the most important aims of the exhibition:

- Provide the best educational opportunities appropriate for all students’ leanings.
– Gathering the best educational authorities’ institutions in one place.
– Exchange of experiences among local and global.
– Saving by the time for reaching to seekers for places in universities, colleges and educational institutes.

Application Forms and Participation Contract:

All organizations interested to participate should carefully read all the Content of our General Information & Terms and General Condition. Application forms are only valid if they are fully filled out according to the needs required by each individual interested organization a long with the legally valid signature and official stamp. The filled application forms are to be sent , the organizing management will then process the application forms and send a reply back within two weeks to the interested organization. Once finally approved by the organizing management of the Fair the interested exhibitors are asked to fully complete the Participation Contract officially stamped and signed. The original Contract and all original required application forms are then sent to the Organizers address not later than (ten days) from the date of the approval letter.

Due to the excellent feed back from the participants (universities & Colleges) and due to the limited number of stands at our exhibition hall in accordance to the possible demand by exhibitors, we regret to inform you that we will only consider the possibility of accepting your applications if they were submitted before the 21st of February 2012.

Note: The acceptance or rejection of an interested organization application form lies entirely up to Kuwait Global Center for Organizing Exhibitions, Conferences and Camps (KGCE). The organizers are not eligible to give any reason for any rejections.

Stands contain:

The shell scheme of stands contains (3 x 3m.):

- Fascia Board.
– Open Grid Ceiling.
– Rear and dividing wall panels.
– Shelves (Two rows of shelves).
– Lighting (3 spotlights) along with one electric socket 220-240V.
– One table with two chairs.
– Trash Bin.
– Name of participant (English and Arabic).

The organizers will have all stands ready for the exhibitors by 5 PM of 5th March 2012, to start putting their belongings and arranging their stand. Exhibitors are to furnish their area with their belongings before the opening date and not later than 11.00 PM of 5th March 2012.

Exhibitors are also asked to remove and shift their belonging immediately after the Fair ends and as soon as possible, not later than 12.00 AM of 9th March 2012.

All Exhibiting organizations are to insure the cleanness of their stands at all times during the Fair, and assure the continuous presence of at least one person at the stand during the Fair visiting hours and up to the complete cleaning of goods by the end of the exhibition. We would also like to emphasize that distribution of illustrative material is allowed only on the single exhibition area for each exhibitor and manifest’s can not be exposed outside the area. Any other kind of advertisement is forbidden outside the stand location for the exhibitor.

Stand Allocation:
The Organizing Committee will categorize the location of all Stand reservations according to the Countries (Exhibitors from a Certain Country will be all located in one area). All exhibitors would be notified their stand locations by the 28th of February 2012. These measures are taken for the benefit of both the exhibitors and visitors of the Fair.

The acceptance or rejection of an interested organization application form lies entirely up to (KGCE) the organizers are not eligible to give any reason for any rejections.

Stand Use:
The exhibitors are not allowed to use the stand allocated for any purpose other than the display of educational materials.

Transfer or sub lease of stands to third party should be done only with the knowledge of the organizers (an official acceptance letter by the organizers should be obtained for the above).

Staff within the stand:
Exhibitors have to fill the special forms for their named attendees at the stands and to send this form to the organizers by the
21st of February 2012 in order to issue the special identity cards for them.

Extra equipment & Design services:
for the participating exhibitors who would like to use some special exhibition stands such as roll ups, pop-ups and other instruments or extras, we do have our sister company working in this field on selling or renting basis. For more information or inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hotel Accommodations:
To further matters for exhibitors, the Organizers have arranged a special discounted package with several hotels in Kuwait, please refer to the organizers to send you the special prices for exhibitors.

Entry Visas:
Many of the exhibitors from all around the world and GCC residents don’t require an entry visa to Kuwait. You can refer to us or to the Kuwait Embassy at your country to check if a certain nationality needs a visa to Kuwait.

Organizers will provide a visa if needed and upon request from the exhibitors (KD 10.000 for each Visa), participants needing us to issue them entry visas should provide us their passport copy’s by e-mail not later than the 21st of February 2012.

Note: - We the organizers must receive the exhibitor’s personal (attending the Fair) names and passport copies not later than and before the 21st of February 2012,Adding to us the receiving of Air Line Company name, the date and the time of their arrival and departure to and from Kuwait Air port. These measures are taken to give us time to issue Entry Visas to the personal that require it, issue the Fair tag for each exhibitor and also arrange air port pick up and drop if needed.

We, the organizers had also arranged free transportation services to all Participants from the Airport to the hotel, also from the hotel the Organizers have arranged to the Exhibition Hall on a
daily bases back and forth .Adding to the fact that we will arrange free transportations back to the airport


You should plan on participating if:

It is important to you to have a rich blend of nationalities as part if your international student base.

· Meeting your future students in person to discuss their education opportunities is part of your recruitment methodology.
· You are serious about discovering a unique and motivated market.
· Your institution is seeking brand-recognition in Kuwait.
· Ongoing visibility in this growing market is part of your marketing strategy.

It is important to keep top-of-mind awareness in Kuwait. With the myriad schools trying to penetrate the market, you should develop a presence and maintain it. This is best achieved by combining event participation at “Kuwaitedu” Exhibition with building solid relationships with reliable partner agencies.

Discover your potential in the Kuwait market, and meet your future students:

Kuwait is a quickly-developing country, with the youngest population ratio in Middle East. So now, more than ever, there is a large market for a skilled, educated, globally-minded current and future workforce.

This translates into a strong need for education, and the education system in Kuwait is lacking space for all of the enthusiastic students seeking to advance academically. Because of this, families and prospective students are looking outside of Kuwait for viable study options, to plan for the future.

Becoming part of the KGCE with kuwaitedu exhibition circuits ensures that you will be exposed to this prolific market. As the largest fair showcasing international education opportunities, kuwaitedu attracts institutions from many countries, such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France and Malta. This diverse representation and the quality of the schools are what attract thousands of serious and motivated students to this annual event.


Managing to the success of “kuwaitedu” is the carefully-planned promotion strategy. Knowing where and how to advertise so that the right segment of the market attends is essential, and the “kuwaitedu” organizers have carefully selected where and to whom to promote the exhibitions:

Newspaper Ads:
We will advertise for the exhibition in the daily newspapers. The campaign will begin before the official opening and will continue throughout the period of the exhibition.

Press Releases:
The organizing committee will organize a series of press release on the participants of the exhibition and the functions during the exhibition (in different local newspapers).

Exhibition Catalogue:-
We will issue a detailed catalogue in which it will include all the exhibitors’ information and details. Each exhibiting organization will be entitled to one page (half in English and the other half in Arabic) that will be given to all exhibitors of the fair on free basis. Do kindly send us brief information about your Organization that do not exceed six lines and send it a long with the application forms before the 21st of February 2012. We will be printing 10000 full color copies of the catalogue. These catalogues are going to be distributed for all visitors of the Fair. For any extra pages needed {Information or advertising ads}.

Web-Site Link:
Organizers will establish a web-site page for the exhibition on the internet along with our exhibitor’s links for a whole year free of charge.

Furthermore, and for the interested Universities, Colleges and Educational Organizations whom are interested to participate with their web-site’s Links without participating at the actual Fair, their will be a fee of K.D 75. It will be free of charge for those who are participating at our Fair. Our web-site will enable students to search and choose from the list of different Universities & colleges from many countries around the world (address, contacts and e-mail). Interested organizations and exhibitors are to insure sending their Web-Site Links application form not later than the 21st of February 2012. Our Web-Site will launch all Web-Site Links as soon as payment and application form received, as an Add link for one year.

Approximately 20000 fliers will be printed and distributed at all education areas in Kuwait.

Posters about the Exhibition will be printed and distributed as part of the Exhibition activities at various parts of Kuwait in order to make the Exhibition known to the citizens.

Various large signboards will be fixed at the front of the hotel and around it.

Around 5000 invitation cards will be addressed to VIP’s in the fields of education, politics, in addition to undergraduates and graduates.

TV Coverage:
Organizers will arrange with one of the television to cover the opening Ceremony (will notify you at a later stage on which TV station).

SMS (Mobiles
Organizers will advertise about the exhibition through SMS (Mobile)

E-mail Shooting
Organizers will start shooting about the exhibition through 400.000 e-mial one weak before the exhibition.

Social media:
A “facebook” page would be launched a “Twitter” Tweets will be sent to estimated 400.000 target of interested people.

_BDO0091 (1)

All levels of education are represented at “kuwaitedu” exhibition, from high school programs and language schools, to post-graduate and specialty programs. And this range is just that which “kuwaitedu” visitors are looking for: Students, parents, teachers, executives, and school representatives – all walk away from these exhibitions enlightened by shared information, new contacts, and new opportunities.

Media Campaign: posters, radio spots, flyers, school seminars, TV coverage, SMS, Large Sign Boards, magazines,e-mail shots, and dailies newspapers.

Visitors: upwards of 7,000 visitors attend over three days – prospective students and their families come with informed and relevant inquiries

Multiple Exposures: participating organizations receive a free entry profile in the Exhibition catalogue and on the website, free seminar slot in Kuwait, as well as listing on most print advertising.

Education Continuum: high school and language programs to masters and PhD are represented proportionately to the program levels being sought by “Kuwaitedu” visitors

Truly International: “Kuwaitedu” Exhibitions host participating institutions from around the world.

Professional, Friendly, and Flexible: the KGCE organization reflects the needs of the Education industry.

Cost-Effective: “Kuwaitedu” Exhibitions are priced fairly and offer maximum value for marketing budgets.

Market Assistance: unbiased and knowledgeable help offered about marketing and promoting in Kuwait.

Kuwaitedu Timing – March

“Kuwaitedu” on February ensure optimal visitor attendance: in February students are preparing for their next course of action for the summer and beyond; in October, new graduates will have recently found out their national exam standing (final exam is in June but actual results come in July), and are researching their options abroad; with as many as 60% of Kuwait students not being placed in Kuwait, the demand is great, and multiple levels of study are required.

For school delegates: The timing allows for application and documentation lead-time for the various intake dates and deadlines of the many institutions wishing to recruit from Kuwait.; two dates in the year offer flexibility when budgeting and planning your marketing strategy; no overlap with most other major industry events; unprecedented promotion strategies bring the right number and, more crucially, the right target of visitors to the event.

Value for Money

KGCE Offered in “Kuwaitedu” Exhibition circuits are fairly priced. Standard participation fees include: Shell Scheme; attendance for two registered participants; lunches and refreshments on all exhibition days; free profile in fair guide; free seminar time in the exhibition; profile on KGCE website; inter-city transportation of school materials; airport and hotel transfer for group intercity flights and coach trips; reduced rates at five-star venue hotels; special cultural excursion; and personalized and prompt service before, during and after the exhibitions.

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College admissions can appear to be overpowering. There are such a variety of variables to consider and it appears as though you are getting conflicting exhortation now and again. Here are the main 5 proposals for making the college admission process simpler.

1. Make Good Grades In Challenging Classes

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2. Become Passionately Involved

Colleges need students who are included in things they cherish. Not all students are interested by or capable in the subjects offered in school. Extracurricular activities permit students to find their interests and blessings.

Probably the most effective individuals in life did not have flawless evaluations in secondary school, but rather they developed aptitudes and abilities outside the classroom which helped them exceed expectations in the work environment.

3. Know Your Schools

Do research and visit colleges. If you know where you do (and don't) have any desire to apply, you will be prepared for early admission and grant alternatives. Try not to hold up until junior year is over to start this procedure.

In numerous quarters Adware is not viewed as vindictive – unlike a virus, it main purpose is not developed to harm your computer or your programs – nor is it illegal; however, it does gather information about you with or without your knowledge, and it does install itself on your computer, with or without your permission.

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